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I hope I do not look like MC Hammer on crack, but I know that I'm exhausted right now.

Instead of prepping the store for the day I am in here trying to catch up on emails and LJ. If I didn't comment on your stuff, I'm sorry. Brian, I'm sorry I didn't even know you were playing last night. This is how behind on LJ I am. Plus, it being the end of the month, I had to do inventory, which is half ass at best. I had two drunken supervisors counting things while I tried to find a missing $40. There is a possibility that an employee on his last day took the money. That saddens me. Why? Why would you do it? Besides having quick cash. I guess I was raised differently.

Had to have a conversation with C. She has the weekend to decide how many hours a week she actually wants to work given her other obligations to school, Hawk and her family. I think Hawk is having a bit of a negative effect (affect?) on her working here right now. He is bitter about his lack of job here. According to C, he's a bit depressed. Too bad for him. Good luck finding a job right now, everyone is looking for work. The six inch stack of applications is proof of that.

I'll have to do a post one night about some of the funny shit people write on their applications. It's pretty good stuff. :)

I haven't done payroll, inventory is half ass, I'm supposedly getting a raise, last night I had my ass handed to me about four times in three hours, Thursday afternoon left me dealing with a straight up douchewad who was whiny and bitchy and got two hour old crusty cheese from the line. My cheese waste on Thursday was pretty fucking low. That is the first time I've ever screwed with someone's food, but after the manner in which I was treated and how he treated my staff on the phone, he deserved a lot more. He's fortunate that that is as far as I was willing to go. I'm assuming he's never seen "Waiting" because if he had, he wouldn't have done what he did. You do *not* yell at me about your fucking pepperoni pizza that your boss cancelled and swears that she didn't. It's not my fault you work with a crackhead. You also don't use foul language with my staff. ("The fucking phone number you gave me doesn't fucking work.") If Miss had told me that he dropped the f-bomb I would have cut him off completely. And I would have been completely in the right with that. I ran the story past the president and she agreed with me on that one. Buying one pizza does not give you the privilege of verbally abusing us.

Ass hat.

I'm supposed to go watch football and drink margaritas tonight. I'm hoping I can get out of here to do just that. I have one driver on call this evening. Miss is willing to come in if they get really backed up. I'm hesitant to let her since she is close to overtime, but at the same time, I don't really care anymore.

I had a table break last night because it's old and a piece of shit. I have no soda fountain. I have the tiniest dining room in America. It's also falling apart. I *finally* got my baseboard fixed. It's only been three months. I still have no security cameras. The computer guy is MIA. Supposedly, he wasn't even supposed to start on the cameras when he did. There may be no Vegas trip. There may be no Xmas bonus.

I need a mommie hug. I need two days off. I need to get laid. I really need a foot massage.

I feel better having vented in here. Hopefully, I won't take it out on the staff today. :)

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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