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(no subject)  
07:29pm 03/12/2007
Let's see. No one insanely crazy this weekend, with the exception of one of my old bosses. He found it terrible that I laugh at grammatical errors. And poke fun at those errors. Mind you, I am not making fun of the *person* just the errors. I don't know if I told you about the horrible typos on a sign at one of our other stores. Instead of "receive" the person first wrote "recive" and then the following errors were "revive" twice in a row.

Now...that's funny. REVIVE $1 OFF!!!


It seems he was more upset that the person who made the error is his little protege. I told him, I have absolutely no issue with her, she's a lovely young woman, seems to have it together, etc. But, this is a comical error. He stalked off after shooting me a look like I just ate his puppy's head while I sodomized it or perhaps said that I wasn't a big fan of Lady Diana or something before I could get the chance to tell him of the error that *I* made on some boxtoppers for the company.
Oops. Guess what? I forgot to put the word "brought" in the sentence. I laughed at myself and fixed it. Ta da! I'm an elitist grammar snob that can laugh at herself as well as the errors of others.

Besides, "zucchini" is spelled wrong on our menu in one pizza description. I've pointed it out, as well as a few other errors. It's up to them to fix it.

So, besides pissing on the grammatical prowess of the WORLD'S BESTEST SUPERVISOR (according to former boss, who by the way, would NOT stop talking about work related things at this gathering) the party was fun. I had a few texts with the HAM about his ween falling off (ok, my words, not his) in -1 with the wind chill factor. I'm sure without the wind chill it was a balmy 34 degrees or so. :)

I watched some History Channel after everyone had left. They were very potent videos, that's for sure. So, I passed out on the couch. I woke up about 6:30 a.m. and headed for home. I will say that they were very relaxing videos. :) Anyways, I had a good time on Saturday and Sunday found me satisfying my Sweet Tomatoes urges with April. It was nice to have chats with her. I missed out on brunch because I was enjoying sleeping way too much.

Today, well, today was a day. I'm still here at work (obviously, I'm posting). I'm just finishing up the schedule. I didn't get a chance to get much done during the day because I had a new trainee. that kind of sucked. Looking over my schedule though, it's not going to be much better next week. I'll have to find whatever spare moment I can to make it through paperwork this week so it's mostly just a matter of gathering things together on Monday.

Ok, I better finish up so I can go to bed.
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(no subject)
04:42am 04/12/2007 (UTC)
I'll give you a hint; it's not "Skip.": Always Open
I used to work with somebody who wrote some very ambitious grants. She often had me proofread them for her. When I pointed out her grammatical and punctuation errors she tended to get snippy and acted as if I was being overly nitpicky. Never mind that she ASKED me to proofread them. The more important issue was that she was asking for large sums of money in an extremely competitive environment. Corporations will look for any tiny excuse to weed out grant recipients. I wanted to tell her, "Get over your fucking self and accept my help. In grant writing, first impressions are nearly everything!"

The same is often true in customer relations. Your old boss should have the sense to know that signs and menus with glaring errors don't speak well of the business, though they can be hilarious.
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(no subject)
10:19pm 04/12/2007 (UTC)
That is exactly my point: it looks bad for your business.
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