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Street Fair Drunk

I worked the 4th Ave Street Fair today. I showed up an hour early since I gave Miss a ride in. She was supposed to be in the kitchen and I was to be working the booth. Ugh. I hate working the booth, but it worked in my favor, I worked the bar. I like working the bar. Chatting up the customers, guessing their beer of choice, I upgraded quite a few from Bud Light to the Sunbru that is made by Four Peaks (the makers of Kiltlifter, my favoritest beer of all time).

Anyways, Miss wound up working outside with me most of the day, which suited me fine and her as well. She didn't really want to work in the back with "Manwhore" (which is our nickname for J, the 4th Ave manager). So, we rocked the booth for a while, then I finally got to go on break with Bryan. Yay! We had a weird Indian Fry Bread taco thingie. It was pretty tasty, but I feel that it could have used more cheese. I like cheese. Anyways, I got to see Lisa and Courtney, Ken (one of my old bosses from WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in the day) and Bryan and Trisk. Yay Trisk! She works tomorrow night. I may be taking my dinner at the RG tomorrow night so's to say hey hey to one of my favorite servers/bartenders EVAR.

Anyways, we closed down early, sales just weren't there. I wound up drinkin about 5 pints of Kiltlifter because someone couldn't understand "Pitcher of Sunbru and a pint of Kiltlifter". Instead, we got two pitchers, one of each. I was the only one drinking Kilt because J has his testicles in a jar (as we jokingly said to him, but of course, not really a joke, because, honestly...if a chick is telling you to grow a set, then you have issues). Anyways, I helped count the money, etc. And then I get a call from my store. Need help, ASAP!!! *sigh* I call two other stores, but they can't spare cooks, so I call Jesse and somewhat rudely tell him to get his ass over there. he does. I show up about an hour later. They have caught up. yay!

Anyways. Alica shouldn't have driven to work. Simple as that. Alica is going to eat something so she can sober up and get home. alica has to open tomorrow. Alica is bummed.


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