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So, let's see. Friday did the open to close, partly because going home was slightly depressing and partly to make sure that a certain someone didn't choose to start her weekend early by tying one on during her work night. Saturday, well, Saturday was pretty dead. I headed out about 5:30 and went home and got ready to go to the Festivus celebration at Congress. Ran into Thom which was awesome. Caught him up on some of the pizza drama and if I need a driver, he'll be able (maybe) to come back and be one of my minions.bwahahahahaha*coughcough*hahahaaa.

Anyways, we left the congress and headed to Che's to hear Tom Walbank. I had never seen or heard him before and it was quite good. There was some guy there who wouldn't let Maggie have the stool next to me. I didn't understand it at all. Then, later on in the evening, he offered it to me, but I told him that I was fine standing. *shakes head* Men. There was also a guy there that was with a friend and he was kind of hitting on Maggie and he looked so familiar, but I couldn't place him. I *think* he was someone who had hit on Char around my birthday or at the HAM's going away party. I was drunk both nights, so I don't really remember much. Anyways, Miss Maggie and I took off to partake of tots at Lindy's. Their water wasn't running. But, they could make us tots, which was cool with us since that was what we wanted. I left with the promise that I would try to make it up to the TCB on Monday night, but I was unable to due to the fact that I had people calling all the way up until 8 p.m. That sucked. I mean, it was good for business, but dammit, it cut into my drinking time.

Unable to get up to the TCB in time, I hoped that the RG was open and lo, it was. Trisk was my bartender and got me some beers and some sort of grilled chicken sandwich thing. Delicious. I chatted with a guy named Bob about zombie movies, the real estate market, the stripmalling of America and Tucson in general. Nice guy. We also talked about pizza for a few minutes. I told him I really didn't want to eat pizza anymore, but you know, it's there, so you eat it. He told me that 4th Ave was practically dark. I explained the difference between bears and twinks. I educated him. And he me. Good times. I took my leave about 11 and headed home to pass out.

Slept in on Christmas morning, as well as I could what with the text messages that kept coming in from 9 a.m. until about 11 a.m. So much for sleeping. I should have shut the phone off, but I didn't because I never do. The cats were very snuggly, so that made things better. For their Christmas present, I let them snuggle on me for about four hours yesterday while I caught up on the Sopranos. I only have 5 more episodes to go. I'm very excited. They were happy with the snuggle time, and so was I. Nice to be warmed by little kitties.

Then I headed over to Mike M.'s house for tamales and laughs. The tamales were delicious. Took him and his sister up to Winterhaven where he had reservations for a carriage ride through the displays (I have a large distaste for Winterhaven and so wouldn't have gone even if he had invited me). Headed over to Miss' house to kill an hour while they traipsed around Winterhaven and saw the kids who were excited to show me all of their presents. They got all kinds of worked up when I came in since it was a new set of eyes. Ahhh children. Left there when I got the call from Mike and hung out at his mom's for another couple of hours. Headed home and then had a nice sleep in today. Off to watch a movie with Matt and chase the bunnies around and then home for more sleeping.

I did get a Christmas gift from the county, though. A jury summons for 1/23/08. Yay!

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