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04:00pm 28/12/2007
I had a brainstorming session with myself yesterday and came up with an idea to boost sales. It's called "advertising".

Now, I know that this might seem a crazy concept, getting the word out about your product. I think this just might work. You see, right now everyone is feeling the pinch. Retail sales, no matter how hopeful the retailers themselves try to sound, are flat if not downright in the dumps. Tony Roma's is closing its two locations in Tucson (I'm not sure about the entire chain), TGI Friday's has closed one of its locations in Tucson and there was another big one that is closing its doors as well. Red Robin was down almost $10K in sales from last Christmas. That's a lot.

So, even though all of this is going against us, people aren't willing to go out to those restaurants anymore. Takes gas, time, tip money, etc. Why not let me deliver your meal to you? Right? Here's a special price, nice discount (so you seem to think, but if you actually figure it out, you are saving about $4 off regular menu prices) and I'll even bring it to your door. You don't have to start up your gas guzzling SUV to come get the food. How awesome is that? Pretty fucken.

I did a bit of research into newspaper advertising and for 13 weeks it's just shy of $10K. Break that up on a per week and between the six stores and it's just over $100/wk. Not too bad for over three months of advertising. I think anyways.

I had some more that I wanted to write, but I'm restless. It's been a pretty slow day today, so I'm not feeling that adrenaline rush that I'm used to.
mood: restlessly hopefulrestlessly hopeful
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