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Saving Stray Kitties

So, today I got home and found the siamese cat that has been coming around our house at night time at the living room window this afternoon. I managed to catch her and get her into Vera's carrier. I then took her to the animal care and control shelter. She didn't fight me when I picked her up, she didn't really cry in the car, she only fought when I was going to put her in the bag, and vera always fights with me when I do that to her. So, I got her there and she was a good kitty, just sat in the bag, didn't raise a fuss, didn't even get too loud during the car ride. Which is amazing to me. So, I turned her in. They said that if she doesn't have feline leukemia and she isn't wild they will put her up for adoption, and they also said that the people in the back have a soft spot for siamese kitties, so they will let her stay up for adoption longer than they do the other kitties. Thank goodness, I don't want to have contributed to her demise. She is such a beautiful cat, and so loving. If I had been allowed, I would have taken her in.

In other news, Bobbie told me that her boss has completely had it with the current receptionist. I go in Friday for my interview and then I told bobbie that I can start on the 9th. I am so in. woo woo.


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