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Bet you thought I dropped off the face of the earth. I didn't. Just haven't had time or energy to post anything new.

Work news: I'm in the middle of the alpha male pissing wars with two of my drivers (one who is here for two more shifts including tonight) and the other who has been talking about quitting for about two weeks now. Honestly, I'm ready for them both to leave. It's been great having Mike M. back, but with the headbutting from Chris, it's just ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

My 16 year old cook, Z, told me that she used to date Hawk. When she was 14. He was about 19. Ew. She says he didn't know she was 14. Still, ew. Come to find out from her that he has problems holding down jobs. This was not very shocking. He's been in job limbo ever since he quit here. C asked me if there was any chance ever that he would get his job back here and I told her that it was nothing personal, but No. Not a chance in hell. She went so far as to get him a job with her at a nearby sub place as a driver and he made it through two shifts before pulling a no call/no show. Her boss called her here to find out if this was characteristic of him or just a one off. She said it must have just been a one off. I guess Hawk decided it wasn't the right job for him. Supposedly, Domino's won't hire him because of his hand tattoos (he has love and hate written on his knuckles). They'll serve substandard "food" but you can't take it to people if you have hand tattoos. Then again, we don't allow facial piercings, so there you go.

Cheese crises amongst all the stores, we were all so busy for NYE and NYD, more than we expected, that we all ran out of cheese. Had to make a run to Phoenix one day and then have someone from Phoenix bring it to our northernmost store. Crazy. I overordered like a madwoman for today's delivery just so I would be fine on Monday morning.

Mike D., my day cook/prep guy, lost his father this morning. He just spoke with him last week. Terrible. We'll be sending round a card for him on Tuesday. I feel so bad for the guy. :(

Personal life: got rid of the electric griddle and now have $20 in store credit to Tarjay. Char is giving me her old toaster oven, so it's a win/win situation. yay for me.

Gotta run, have to go make pizzas, of course. Later!

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