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New Shoes

Yes, it's true. I bought yet another new pair of shoes. But, wait, before you judge, they were on clearance. For $6 (after tax). $6 for these.

They are freaking adorable. I <3 them. I just need to figure out where to wear them. :)

I had a late night at the store. We got busy about six or so so I stayed and got them caught up on orders and then had to take a couple of them. Not too big of a deal. Made $11. Yay! Which I then spent on $6 shoes. How awesome is that? Anyways. I got some cute socks too from the $1 bin at Le Tarjay. Valentine's Day themed. Big kisses on them. Sexay.

I'm debating asking whether or not to decorate the store for V-Day. Maybe people will be all, "Awwww I love people. I shall buy them lots of pizza." Something to think about.

The HAM is back in town for a few days. Got to hang out with him on Saturday while we watched Brian and Traffic Violator at the Congress Wooden Ball. Traffic Violator is awesome. It's been so much fun watching all of this start from a friend and his guitar and turn it into a four piece rocking out piece of awesomeness. Sweet. I would assume that this is like watching your child grow. Except I didn't birth him, or any members of the band, and I don't plan on the band taking care of me when I'm old and feeble. :)

I came into work early because Miss is sick. Funnily enough, no one offered to cover my shift for me when I was feeling like utter ass on Tuesday night. But, I'm called to come in 4 hours early to cover. I told her that I was in the middle of running errands. I could come in early, but not right at that moment. *rolls eyes*

I so don't want to be here right now. I'm pretending that I'm doing very important paperwork type things. (Don't worry HAM, I'm not highlighting invoices even though this is an opportune moment to do so, but I would rather you do the paperwork than I on Monday) Oh! And we got our November numbers back. My store didn't fully suck. We managed to make a three figure profit! Yay! $300!!! :)

ok, gotta go! bye!

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