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(no subject)  
12:47pm 17/01/2008
Got a new bonus structure for the company. It's interesting. The supervisors actually get a chance to make a few bucks, too. Which is nice, I think this *may* get them interested in actually doing their fucking jobs.

I got really annoyed last night, probably because I was so tired. I apologize for my abrupt departure.

We were busy this morning, which is a nice change of pace considering it's been dead all freaking week. We've hit projection 1 day this week. Just 1. The other two days were dead dead deadski. Fun times.

They are doing the filming today for Tucson Treasures. I went to the Fox 11 website to see the program listing for the show. No link to descriptions or anything like that. Fantastic. And the Fox website is an absolute mess. Takes forever to load. Hate hate hate.

So, we'll just keep busy until the cameras show. They want to have customers in the store and stuff. I could probably ask some people from around the plaza to sit in the lobby if no one comes in. Offer them a free pizza or something. :)

OK. Gotta go look busy for a bit. Fun times fun times.
mood: tired
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