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Jury of pure sneers*

I'm at jury duty. Funnily enough, last time I was here they allowed the use of LJ, not this time. I guess there was too much myspacing going on. So, this post I emailed to myself and that's why it's all, "I'm at Jury Duty" even though it's like 5 or so.

I can't check my last posting to see what was I discussed with all of you, so forgive any repeats. My life update. Ready? Good.

I found out about two weeks ago (I guess) that my grandfather has kidney cancer. I guess they caught it in time, so he's just going to have his kidney removed and all should be well. No chemo, at least not yet. That's good for his luxurious hair. Heather almost has her bathroom installed, and this is a good thing. She had to go to the Shell station down the street to go potty. Fun. My uncle is still unemployed, but is *finally* going to see doctors for his medical issues. Good times.

I talked to my aunt, on my dad's side, and that side of the family is even more screwed up than my mom's side. *shakes head*

I've been working, a lot. No big surprise there. The HAM is back in town for an indefinite period of time, it's nice to have my xword buddy back. :)

Got to see Traffic Violator at Plush, that was fun. Lisa gave me a copy of the Tucson Treasures that aired on 1/26/08 on Fox 11. They did a little thing on us being all awesome and shit in the world of pizza and what not. Good times. Of course, we were told, by U, that they would be filming at all of the stores. Yeah, didn't happen. They went to 4th Ave and Ina and that was it. Only filmed staff at 4th Ave and just the outside of Ina. Very exciting. I was a bit miffed because I thought it would be awesome for them to get film of J tossing out dough. He's pretty gosh darn good at it. I personally didn't want to be on television. I would break the television of 10 people watching the show. Hardeharhar.

Heather has just sent me a text that she has the week of 8/25 off so we can do our road trip. I don't think she realizes how freaking hot it's going to be, but okey dokey. That's a good time for me to take off anyways, it's still pretty slow at work. It's going to kill my labor, but right now, I don't give two shits about that. I'm already fucked for the month of January as far as labor goes. I highly doubt that even if my store makes a profit, even at 5% (if it does profit, it's probably closer to about 2-4% at this point) the company is going to make much. That saddens me a little.

I kind of miss having internet at home to do better updates and what not, and after I get the billed paid off, maybe I'll turn it back on, but it's going to have to wait a while. Ok, a few more sites I'd like to check before I leave this precious connection to the internet and all of my internet friends, so I bid you adieu.


*my punmanship is not as good as footnotefetish

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