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Death and Taxes...OK, just taxes

I am waiting on my 1098 forms from my two mortgage companies so that I can *finally* get my taxes together and completed. Can't wait for that to get all done. The most unfortunate part is that I have to wait for the OLN form to be processed and emailed and then I get to mail that in because I can *never* remember the PIN or whatever I put in the year before. Not very smart. I'll see what I can do to remedy that situation this year. So next year I won't have to wait an extra week to get my money back.

Besides getting the credit cards caught up, I think I'm going to start bit by bit in getting the wood flooring done in the house. The carpet is just wrecked thanks to the various things tracked in by my disgusting shoes. Awesome. Plus, it'll be more fun watching Loretta skid around on her little hairy paws of doom.

Heather and I are deciding on some options and will figure out the best one for us to spend a glorious week reconnecting and having a good time. If this tax rebate nonsense goes through we are both putting that money aside for the vacation. So that's good. If we decide on a cruise, I need to get a passport. Which I need to do anyways so I can travel into Mexico and stuff. If I ever get to do that again. Hopefully I can find my birth certificate. I'll need to see how much that costs from Vital Statistics in Palm Beach County. So, some of the tax money is going to the passport costs. Very exciting. :)

I had a Whopper(tm) for lunch. It's sitting in my stomach right now reminding me of why I stopped eating them in the first place. Urgh.

I think that's about it right now for the personal life. Exciting, non?

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