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The spirit of competition

I am hoping that this contest I am doing for February helps us boost sales a bit. We'll see. But, I'm stumped as for prizes. Any ideas? I could probably do some trade with Chili's, possibly Applebee's (ew), and I need to clear it with my bosses to see if I can cost out a $20 gas card to the store. If not, I'll do it from my own money. That is definitely one prize that I am wanting to give.

Any ideas? Anyone know anyone willing to trade some Magpie Money for some sort of good or service? Thanks in advance on that one.

Yesterday was pretty slow by Friday standards. We almost hit projection, but I think we did less than we did last year. I'm really hoping that the Superbowl(tm) brings in a lot of business. 1) it's the Pats chance for a perfect season, 2) it's in Tempe (which actually may hurt us, as some people may just truck up there for tailgate parties) and 3) there has been actual advertising for the company.

It's pretty dead today. I'm debating seeing if I can get into corporate and grab some menus and go hit the hotels. I'll have to call 4th and see if J is there. He can let me in. Or, do I just stay in the store? OR...do I go to the car wash a few blocks away and go clean out my car? Like vacuuming and everything.

So many decisions.

I'm ready to fall asleep right here right now. So boring.

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