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A cliffhanger

I finally have a few minutes to myself. I'm at work (of course!), but that's ok. The last post I made was just a load of crap that came down all at once and resulted in the loss of a job (not mine). I'll explain.

Saturday was a pretty busy night. We have been busier on Saturdays lately than we are on Fridays. This is kind of weird for me to deal with, but I've been trying to schedule accordingly. So, Saturday night, we are rocking it out, nothing is late, it's going fairly smoothly, just more and more tickets keep piling up. J is on the toss table and he's like a machine. I'm topping pizzas like a madwoman and Miss and Z are on the phones. Occasionally, Miss can get away from the phones and help us top pizzas, so that helps immensely. Rat (as called by his older brothers) is making salads, running the oven and the cut table and keeping the line clean for us. He's a good kid. And the drivers are in and out of the store. No muss, no fuss, no "HAY! WHERE'S THE SALAD??!?!?!" everything is done. It's running the way it is supposed to be.

Things start to slow down a bit, but there are just two or three more tickets to deal with. No big deal, I start working on one of them and I look over and Z and Miss are both on their cell phones texting. Now, I have expressed many times that I can't stand cell phones on my line or while people are working. I had already called Miss out on her texting during making a pizza near the end of the rush. She just stopped what she was doing and was looking off to her left.
"Are you meditating?"
"Uh, yeah. Meditating on how lovely pizzas are. Yes."
"Fine. Quit meditating and just make the damn things."
Thinking I've made my point, I continue on, until I see her and Z on their respective phones. I put down the sauce spoon and start untying my apron, "Since everyone else seems to have time to chat on the phone while I make orders I'm going to go ahead and go home now. I'm not busting my ass anymore so you can fuck off."
And I left.

That brings us to Superbowl(tm) Sunday. Now, when I did the schedule, I had forgotten that it was the big game, so I decided that I would come in for a couple of hours to help them out just in case it got crazy busy. I knew we weren't too busy last year, but who knew, maybe the ads that have been running would be helpful (btw, my store had the lowest sales out of the 6, but only by about $200). So, I get in about 2:00 p.m. and it's not terribly busy, but it isn't dead either. I help Tui and Kaleb out for a bit and then let Tui go. He's got to barbecue for everyone, and so I figure, I'll save on labor and be a nice person. Big mistake. Oof, we got hit about ten minutes after he was gone. I get through it with Kaleb's help. Unfortunately, I have two super late deliveries, so wind up comping those out. Fortunately, those were the only two screwups all day! Yay!

So, Kaleb and I are keeping busy, running around with our hair on fire. It's fun, you know? Then Z comes in a few minutes early. That's good. Then I get a text message from Miss, "I'm going to be about 20 minutes late." *sigh* Fine. She shows up, I'm still running around. She sees we're busy and takes her sweet time getting ready to come to the line. She finally comes on and I'm barking orders at Z and Kaleb to do this or get that and I tell Miss to turn her hat around. She does, but did I glimpse an eye roll? I let it go. Continue doing what I need to do and then a driver lets me know that the time delivery is still here and needs to be there in about 15 minutes. Shit. He's going in the opposite direction so can't take it. Allright. I get ready to go with it and bring Miss up to date on what's going on at the moment. Her hat is backwards again. I tell her again to turn her hat around. I leave with the delivery and I'm happy to be away from the store for a few minutes. Until I get a text from Miss on the way back, "I don't think I should be at work. I'll take your shift tomorrow."

I take a deep breath. There better be a damn good reason that I should close on my day off. Especially when I've made tentative plans to meet up with friends to enjoy the game and relax. As it is, I hadn't gotten a day off all week and so was looking forward to a bit of relaxation. I get back to the store and she is doing the dishes, even though there are about four tickets hanging that need to be made and one of the cooks is on the phone. So, I ask her, "Why do you need to leave?"
*shakes her head*
"I need to know what is so important that I need to close on my day off."
"I can take your shift tomorrow. You can just do paperwork."
"I need to know why you need to leave."
"I've been drinking."
"Get the hell off my clock and out of my store."

So, she left. I was furious. Absolutely furious. So, I wait until halftime to call D and tell him what's going on. He's a Giants fan, so I figured I'd be nice and wait until the game was on break. He doesn't answer. So, I text him and tell him it's not a reason to panic, but I need to talk to him. He calls me and I tell him the situation and he says he'll talk to A and get back to me. They want to do 3 shift suspension and 90 day probation. I raise my eyebrow and think that this is fairly lenient but, I agree to it since they are the bosses.

And I hate to leave you hanging, but this has taken me almost 30 minutes to type out (this isn't the nicest keyboard) and now it's time to make pizzas. I'll have more this evening. I promise!

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