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Part Deux

I did finish the paperwork (at least, as much as I can right now) at least. Right, so, lenient punishment for showing up drunk KNOWING that you have to be the closer that night and depend on me to cover for your bullshit. Yeah, not happening.

I close that night and notice a coupon sitting on the desk from the night before. I heave a sigh and figure, well, I might as well check the paperwork from the day before while I'm sitting here. And boy-howdy did I ever find a clusterfuck of a mess. Not only were things just all over the place in the packet, but four credit cards were totally fucked. The worst was the one where the tip adjustment was for the amount of the order (the customer had not indicated any tip for the order at all, just signed the slip), basically double charging the customer for the order. Yeah, I got to fix that one right away. After completely going over everything from the night before, we wound up $15 short instead of 8 cents over. Nice, huh? I did not leave work a happy camper, especially having to open the next day.

So, the next day I run around like a chicken with my head cut off and barely managed to get everything done that I needed to get done and and and and...right. Busy. D calls me, she's the financial type person at the office. She pretty much is the one lady I don't want to piss off...evar. She calls and says, "Did you get my message?"
"Uh, no? I'm assuming you got mine."
"Yeah, so, A didn't call you?"
"Of course not. What's up?"
And she plays a voice mail from the corporate number. Someone says that Miss has been selling drugs out of the back of the store for a while. This person (it was hard to tell if it was a man or a woman) has done drugs in the office with her, and has sold as well. Everything. Mushrooms, marijuana, heroin, meth, you name it, she's selling it.

I have a few issues with this message, mostly, how the hell is she running around with this kind of pharmacopia in her jacket and not being weighed down by it? Also, I don't really care how you supplement your income, just don't do it at work. That's all I'm saying. Anyways, so we take it as hearsay, but this does add another dimension to everything. D would prefer at the very least a 5 shift suspension. I decided that that is more suitable to the original offense (which is terminable, btw) and then tell her about all the paperwork errors, which she knew about because she took the numbers down that morning.

I mull it over and over and over in my head and decide that the punishment will be determined the next day when I have my meeting with A&D after the general meeting. I text her and let her know that she needs to come in at 3:15 Tuesday afternoon. She freaks out and wants to know if she's fired (funnily enough, never actually calls, this is all done over text message). I tell her that as of that moment, she still had a job. Fast forward to Tuesday morning.

I'm meeting with A&D and A convinces me to fire her. It didn't take much, but I mulled it over and thought of the various times that I had covered for her drinking or hangovers, the constant badgering of uniform policy, the radio station, the cell phone, the texting, the visiting friends, the 20 minute discussions with said friends out in the parking lot instead of inside the store working, the constant phone calls on the business phone, hearing that she's making everyone else do things instead of just sending them home and doing it herself (since one of the jobs of a supervisor is to keep labor under control, *especially* if I'm not here since it is going to run higher), sitting in the lobby watching tv...and the list goes on and on. I agree, termination is the way to go. We let D know and she cuts her final check for her. I pick it up later in the day and it's like sealing the deal. She doesn't even know yet.

This is where it gets hard for me, because I had gotten a bit close to her, working with her almost every day. We weren't BFF or anything, but I knew things about her personal life and vice versa. That is part of the problem with becoming friendly with your staff. So, she got to the office and we had to wait for D to show and he FINALLY did (always running late that one) and so, I had to do it. It was not fun.

She made a small gesture at actually trying to save her job, but I just don't think her heart was in it. I found out from J later that when she went home after telling me she was drunk, he asked her, "Did you get fired?" She shrugged and said she figured she might get suspended but didn't think I would fire her.

Guess she thought wrong. That was one of the other reasons I decided to go ahead and terminate her employment. Relying too much on my niceness, and vocalizing it to someone who is probably going to tell me, is not a good thing to do. Don't use me. Don't underestimate me. I made an example of her.

So, I'm down a supervisor. People want days off, I am royally screwed for a few weeks, BUT I have a feeling things are going to go a lot smoother and for the few people who actually lodged complaints about her in a roundabout way that they will probably be much more relaxed and more productive knowing that they won't be exploited (strong word to use here, but my brain is slowly turning to mush). Instead, they'll just be sent home if there isn't anything going on and I'll just do the work. Way to save labor, right? :)

To top it all off, I was whispered to that a few pizzas walked out the back door on Superbowl Sunday while I was out on a delivery and then I found out today that she had been making long distance phone calls on the work phone. Thankfully, it's less than $10 and I won't lose that much from my bottom line because of it, but dammit, that's just another violation of the trust I had in her to run the damn place and not use it as her personal playground.

Ok. I may put another post up later tonight about other things going on in my life, but now, again, I have to go make pizzas.

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