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From People Magazine

I don't normally read this mag, but I decided to pick it up for some reason, the only good thing in there was a little thing called Free Association with Jerry Orbach.
His answers:

P. Diddy: "Self-Promotion"
The O.C.: "Right-wing extremism"
Fab fashion trend: "Bare tummies"
Worst fashion trend: "Extreme high heels and pointy toes. They're killing people's feet."
Hilary Clinton for President: "Not this time around. She should wait until 2008. Then she could run and Bill could be Vice President."
Simon Cowell: "British taste gone overboard."
Liza Minelli: "The comeback kid, eternally."
Dr. Phil: "Pop Psychology 101"

Oh, and nicktoons is showing two hours of Animaniacs. I am in heaven!

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