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Someone has an unsecured wireless network around me in my condo. At least for now. I managed to get on it this afternoon and started watching "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days". Don't judge me. I didn't want to actually waste money on renting it, but was somewhat curious. And there really isn't anything wrong with watching Matthew McConahey (or however you spell it) running around for two hours, is there?

Anyways, either the person wised up to someone on it OR the wind blew the wrong way, it got really slow and I had to give up. I may wind up renting it after all, or going to a cafe tomorrow (if I can find a few minutes) and watching it there. We'll see.

Slow tonight. Not like last week. I wonder what was up with last week. I just hope I can make some money this week. GEM SHOW! HELLO! (ok, like 2 people will understand that little joke, but it's fast becoming the fun thing to say in this store).

Miss came in yesterday to get that letter of recommendation from me. She then asked if it would be at all possible to come back, even as a cook at a different store. I told her I would ask, but I didn't think that it would be possible. I told D about it tonight, he practically laughed in my face at that one.

I chatted with C about it this evening after our "rush" and she thinks that it was the right decision. If the lazy one thinks it's a good decision, I *must* be on the right track. Ok, she's not lazy. Just sometimes. Ok, like 25% of the time. :) OK OK SHE'S A GOOD KID! sheesh

Ok, need to get some more stuff done around here, start the paperwork and get ready to get the fuck out. One more delivery on the screen. My driver seems to be a slowpoke tonight.

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