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I only have a few minutes, but I wanted to share a few things.

1) I hate the subtle jab at the delivery driver upon arrival at the house:
"Did you have trouble finding the place?"
"No. In case you hadn't noticed, it's been raining all day, the roads are slightly flooded and people are driving like assholes. So, while you stand there in your comfy robe, I'm getting dripped on from the runoff on your inadequately lit and numbered house while you ask me if I got lost on finding your house which is fairly easy to find and it only took over an hour to get food delivered to your front door."
"Oh. Here you go."
"Thanks for the $2. That'll help pay for the hospital bill after I go in for pneumonia."


I just told the guy that I had to detour around an accident since the roads were pretty bad that night. He still only tipped $2. And, yes, I was getting dripped on by his roof.

2) Polaroid is phasing out instant film! It's the end of an era of childhood memories for me. It's the end of an era for perverts everywhere. It's a sad day. Better stock up people.

3) I overslept this morning. Badly. My poor dough guy was sitting outside for 40 minutes. Oops. He doesn't have the new key yet. Me <---terrible boss

4) I still need to find something to wear for the wedding in two weeks.

5) I get my tax refund next week. This makes me happy. I can finally get my eyes checked again. yay! And take the cats to the vet.
Vera and Loretta: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

6) I want you all to have a great Saturday.

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