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Granny does your dog bite? No, child, no.

Yes, yes it does. One of my drivers was bitten by a dog. Looked to be a pitbull or a pit mix. Oy! Superficial wounds, thanks to his pants! Funny, but that delivery is the one that I almost took instead of the one that I did take. I'm in shorts today. I would have been torn up. Then again, if it is a fenced yard (which it was) I probably would have been hesitant to walk through. But, he saw the customer on the side of the house and she made no motion to have him stay outside the gate. Then he heard her say, "Get back here!" and hear footsteps and it was the dog. It got him in both of the calves. Ouch. I sent him to get it looked at at Urgent Care through our Workmen's Comp and they just gave him a tetanus shot and wanted him to report it to animal control so that they can pull the dog's records, etc.

He did get a $6 tip out of it. The president of the company called the customer, but as far as I know, they haven't returned any phone calls as of yet. *grimace* I hope it doesn't get all messy.

I had to stay late last night because of a last minute delivery to outside of our area, the driver had to stay late, too. We were chatting as we cleaned up the store and he asked how long I was planning on staying and I said, I probably have another year in me. I need to get to Vegas at least one more time before I leave. He said that when I leave, if he hasn't left yet, he's out of here too. I found that somewhat endearing.

I left work about midnight and headed for Broadway Diner. I've been craving pancakes for about a week now, since one of the supers at 4th mentioned this free shortstack day at IHOP. So, I had my pancakes and terrible service and left there about 1 a.m. I worked on some crossword puzzles while I was there. When I started nodding off, I knew it was time to go. Fell into bed, in the middle of a carb high and actually woke up refreshed around 7:30 this morning. Of course, seeing that it was 7:30 I promptly rolled over and overslept. I got to work about 9:30 this morning (I figured since I was already rolling in late, I might as well stop for a coffee). Got my large order out in time and things were fine until my driver got bit. *sigh*

So, I'm finishing up a very profitable week's paperwork (I hit my target labor, actually .07% under target) and did about 17% profit for the week. Who is kicking ass? Me.

It's kind of funny, actually. I held onto Miss because I was afraid that it would hurt the store, instead, the store is doing better than ever without her. It could be coincidence, but who knows? It may be that people are happier without her here and are working a little harder. It's a little easier to expect more out of people when they see that others are working and not just themselves.

I also had to call our produce vendor today because we didn't get some green peppers in our shipment on Saturday. My dough guy checked the order in, but did one of those, "Oh, yeah, that looks fine." and didn't actually really check it. I called Saturday and again today and finally spoke to someone. He seemed hesitant to credit me and I said, "Listen, I'm not trying to scam you out of green peppers. If I need to eat the cost, then I will, I have no problem with that. We rarely have problems with things not being in the order, and I think maybe the guy who checked it in was just relying on that when he signed it. And, I know you aren't saying I'm trying to scam you, but, I'm just letting you know of the issue."

And, he seemed to understand and we lamented about people scamming us, etc. I told him that I get at least one call a week from someone trying to get a free pizza for an order that doesn't exist. Actually, I had one on Saturday.

Guy calls and says, "Hi. My wife ordered a Magnificent Giant from you last night and it had onions on it and she asked for no onions because she's allergic to them and I'm not, so I didn't have a problem with it and and and and and and..." and he couldn't give me any specifics. Usually the first tip off that it's a scam is they say they ordered the Giant. It's got a little bit of everything and so is the easiest to mess up, especially when it has special instructions. I didn't sell any of those pizzas the day that he says he ordered and I couldn't find any of the phone numbers he was giving me, etc. He said he would call me back after he called his wife. About six hours later, I get a call from the Tanque Verde store, from the manager, that they needed me to run a customer comp for a pizza that they messed up on Friday. I asked what happened and he told me a story similar to what the guy said to me. I sighed and said, "I think he's full of shit, but ok. I'll do it." And he was. Big D, a cook from the TV store who is doing dough at my store twice a week, happened to be cooking that night and knows the guy. He asked him how he got a free pizza and he said, "I called Tanque Verde, lied to the guy and he gave me a free pizza." Fantastic.

Wow, I've been nattering on (of course, I've also been interrupted about 20 times since I started typing this, so that's fun). I just have the schedule left to do and then I can go home! Yay! Have a great night everyone!

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