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I'm cleaning the office right now. I *should* send home the mid cook and go out there and take care of stuff. Instead, I'd rather sit in the office and clean. I've been here since 11 a.m. since my day driver came down with a migraine (one of the few things I sympathize with, that and back pain) so I told him I would cover his shift. I'm going to call him tomorrow while he's here and see if he would like to take my Thursday driving shift instead of having another day off. He'll probably go for it, likes to make money and he technically owes me one. Of course, I'm not too sad about the $20 I made today.

My meeting this morning was ridiculous. They are going to raise the prices...again! *sigh* I'm predicting a dip in sales when this first happens, but I think people will come around again. I saw that Pizza Hut is running a 1 topping large for $11.99 special. We do that too. Which would you rather eat? I would rather eat our food. :)

Anyways, it just dragged on and on and on. And of course, I realized that I just spent $50 on menus and now they want to raise the prices again. I'm going to have to take these to hotels to get rid of them and then wait to get new ones. Dammit.

Ok. Back to cleaning the office. :)

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