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Good day today. Had the twins all day long. They are much more fun now that they are walking and stuff. We took them shopping and I bought them each a new pair of sandals, they are so cute!! Then we just walked around the mall for a while, they were waving at everyone around them like they were in a parade. Then we went to my cousin Eric's 21st birthday bash. I got him a $10 gas card and a $10 card to Blockbuster. He's got a 2004 Ion, so, that ten bucks will get him a full tank probably :) Everyone fell in love with the babies. They hung back a little bit at first, but then decided to have fun and run to everyone. Skyler fell asleep at the party so, we put him in Eric's bedroom and everyone was checking on him to make sure he was okay. I took Sidney outside and ran her around chasing a basketball. She threw a tantrum when I took her inside, but some of the other kids were playing basketball and running up and down the court, I didn't want her to get run over, that's why I took her in. My mom took her back out later on when the kids stopped playing ball, and she had some more fun. Then we got some of the birthday cake, Sidney had a few bites (no frosting, Brandi would have killed us if she had gotten frosting) and I was playing 5 card draw, texas hold 'em and black jack with some of the cousins and friends. When we got in the car to leave I realized that I had left my cell phone in there, so I checked it and there were three phone calls from Brandi. She was getting worried because it was near 5:30 and I hadn't called her all day. I called her back and soothed her fears that we were lying in a ditch somewhere (she's so melodramatic) and told her we were on our way, so if they wanted a nice uninterrupted meal, they better start cooking now. We took my dad his plate of food (he has a cold so he didn't want to go anywhere) stopped at Dunkin' Donuts before we hit the interstate to take the kids home. We got them a croissant to split, gave one fourth of it to Skyler, he started to chow down, he hadn't eaten in about four hours, so he was a little hungry. Sidney took one bite and then promptly fell asleep for the car ride. As soon as we got them home she woke up and was happy to see her mommie and grandma again. Skyler was very happy to see them too.

I am truly going to miss them when I move, but I know they are only a few hours away by car, so it won't be too bad :)

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