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1) impromptu Wednesday IKEA trip - Good
2) phone call from President that supervisor is an idiot - Bad
3) phone call to supervisor to find out what the hell is going on and finding out he is possibly in large amounts of back pain to which you reply, "Why didn't you call me you dumbass?" - Bad
4) multiple phone calls to various people to get them in the store as soon as possible while driving 80 mph on I-10 - Bad
5) shopping at IKEA - Good
6) getting new quilt, bathroom table and DVD display - Good
7) driving on I-10 in Tempe during rush hour - Bad
8) dinner with Lisa - Good
9) working on Thursday when you thought you had worked another day off - Bad
10) getting ass handed to you in about 15 different ways - Bad
11) having to make dough because dough guy is possibly home sick - Bad
12) having to remake dough because you reversed the weights on the sugar and salt - Bad
13) getting phone call from idiot supervisor who took the day off because of said back pain, meaning I had to come in and cover his shift, to see if he can order a free pizza for delivery - Bad
14) unable to concentrate on NYT Xword - Bad
15) sleep - Good
16) walking into today to a nice and quiet store - Good
17) vacation in August - Good
18) sore muscles - Bad
19) kitty snuggles - Good
20) wishing you all a good day - Good

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