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My head is killing me. I decided to back down a bit on the whole Tui thing. Pretty much, it's going to be him working a lot longer than he probably thought today and me leaving early (4 or so when the next cook is in) because I feel like shit on toast. My head is killing me, I can't warm up and my muscles are still sore from Thursday.

Also, I want to take a nap. I checked the schedule for today because I was thinking I'd just go home for a bit. But...it's just me and him.

So, while he does prep, I'm working on invoices. And posting to LJ :) and drinking coffee. Hopefully the bagel and cream cheese and the coffee will help restore me to almost full human levels. I could finish cleaning the office, but I'm too tired. I shouldn't have stayed out that late last night. I shouldn't have had extra skoshes of Kiltlifter. I shouldn't have passed GO or collected $200, but I did.

You would think I would learn. Tonight may be an early night for me. Catch up on months of sleep or something. But, I will be at Congress at least to see Thom play since I haven't seen him play yet. Then, who knows?

Ok, back to invoices. I need to stretch this out as long as possible. I don't want to do any actual work today, which, unfortunately, is going to happen with only two people on duty. :)

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