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I unfux0r3d my flarke, BUT, i realized why only two of them had pre drilled holes. You are supposed to SET the shelves on the doohickeys. So much for reading the directions. The worse problem is that it's not big enough for all my DVDs. So, for now, I'm using the old rack as well. I don't know if this is a bad thing or a good thing, but it does tell me I should slow down on the DVD purchases. :)

Of course, this means I have to go BACK to IKEA to get another flarke. How awful. :)

I did a bit of rearranging in the living room and am now moving to the bedroom to do some stuff there. I am tempted to move furniture in there as well, but I'm not sure if that's the move I want to make just yet. Maybe when I do the flooring I will rearrange things. For now, it's more a matter of getting everything to fit in there without argument.

Loretta is hiding. She doesn't like the vacuum. This amuses me. Vera doesn't like it, but she tolerates it. Especially when I throw some nip down for her. That soothes her a bit. Loretta, not so much.

I may flip the mattress today though. Need to wash sheets, so this is a perfect time to do it I guess. I like the new arrangement of the living room, but I'm not quite through yet. Once I finally get it all sorted out I may take some pictures and post them because I know you are all soooooo interested in what my house looks like. :)

Ok. Off to fix the bedroom up a bit. I *finally* bought some light bulbs, so I have to actually put them in the light fixture. I want to install my ceiling fan, but that may be for another day. I don't have the cursing in me today, I'm enjoying the day off too much. Only a few phone calls to contend with, but nothing of seriousness.

Oh, speaking of work, because it wouldn't be an update post if I didn't. I spoke with Diana today about my concerns about price raising. She agreed with me. I asked her if she would bring that up in their meetings together because if I do it it's just me being conceited or bitchy or whatever and A gets a bit defensive when I mention how terrible the food looks coming out of the flagship store. So, there ya go. We'll see what happens with that. My main point was this: I don't want to lose my job because I did what I was supposed to do but no one else did.

Ok, time to do some organizing of the bedroom. YAY!

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