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I lost steam. I got the bedroom mostly in order. I really should tackle the mound of papers on my dining room table. It is still an option, it's just mostly getting together the energy to get it together to get it done. Then again, it would be better if I had a box to throw all the paper away in so that I could just dump it in the recycling. In which case, it is probably something I will get to tomorrow night instead of tonight. I can snag a cheese box from work. That will be the perfect size.

I went shopping for a top for the wedding. No luck. I have no idea what I'm going to wear. So ridiculous, non?

I think for the rest of the night I'll just pop in a movie, light a ton of candles and relax. Maybe pet the kitties. They've been traumatized enough for one day I think. Vera probably thinks we're moving again. Poor baby.

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