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(no subject)  
10:13pm 29/02/2008
Had a busy afternoon where almost everything that could have gone wrong, did.

At least everyone showed up. :)

But, deliveries were late. I was kind of rude to a customer who I can't blame for being a bit impatient since my other two employees didn't "see" her standing there for five minutes. Hell, I knew she was there, but I was too busy running around with my hair on fire.

Anyways, it all smoothed out. Managed to get everything done that needed to get done this afternoon, but the orders kept coming in just far enough that the minute you would start on something you'd have to stop to make the order.

At least we had business! :)

tonight was pretty effing slow. I left around 5:40 or so and sat in the drive thru at Eegee's for almost 20 minutes. I discovered why when I got to the window, everyone was fucking around inside. It felt like I hadn't left the store. Watched some La Bamba when I got home (shut up) and then headed back to the store where I'm kind of at a stopping point right now for doing inventory. I've got as much done of payroll as I can do until the night is over. That kind of sucks. I'm tempted to send the closing supervisor home, but that wouldn't really save much labor and then I'd have to close AND finish inventory. I have to weigh all the shit on the line. I hate that part. I decided to keep him. HAHAHA!! Got HIS hopes up. I'm evil.

Tomorrow is the wedding. Fun times. Although, no offense to the happy couple, but I think I'm more excited about a Saturday off than heading to a wedding. Anyways, gotta go, J is staring over my shoulder.
mood: busybusy
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(no subject)
01:57pm 01/03/2008 (UTC)
Your usericon is funny.

Sorry that the weather was so hot. At least you're not in the warehouse this summer...?
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(no subject)
07:36pm 01/03/2008 (UTC)
omg. warehouse. death. argh. *thud*

i mean, it wasn't that hot, but i don't want it to be summer! I just got a new comforter dammit!

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