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01:10pm 10/03/2008
Not really a headdesk moment, but more of a "I'm going to pass out from boredom" moment.

It's dead. Dead dead dead dead.

I'm pretty much done with paperwork. Have to struggle through the schedule and see what I can do with it with the three drivers I have available to me at the moment. My boss' solution to the problem is bring in a newbie. Not really a great idea. Terrible idea in fact. I have to worry about him knowing what the hell he is doing instead of just bringing in someone who knows what the fuck is going on and just letting me do the driving where the holes need to be filled in.

It doesn't help that I'm down a cook, too. He's moving back to Michigan. Mike D. you will be missed. You crazy old coot.

Meh. Ooo the phone is ringing. how exciting. I'm probably going to slog through the schedule real fast and then kick the cook out and then just be here with the dough guy and the driver and be bored out of my fucking gourd until I can finally leave at 5. And I am so leaving at 5.
mood: boredbored
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