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I got to see Mike M. last night, that was fun. Hung out with Danny beforehand, and kind of went off on a rant about my frustration level with work. I guess he told Adam. That's for later in the post, though.

So, hanging out with Mr. M., good times. Headed home, fell asleep and was awakened at 4:30 in the morning by three phone calls, one right after the other, where no one said anything. I discovered today why no one said anything...IT'S A FREAKING FAX MACHINE.

Almost overslept, but managed to make it to my weekly meeting, only a few minutes late, but I wasn't the last one to show up, so that wasn't so bad. Sat through the meeting and oh boy, all kinds of fun and surprises. *sigh* We are raising the delivery minimum to $15. That is a good thing. No longer will I have to send a cheese pizza 7 miles away because someone is too lazy to get in their car and get their own damn food. However, we are raising the delivery fee as well. This is something that I don't agree with, but I have no say in the matter really. It is now $1.99. I think that is pretty preposterous. Someone made the comment, "Everyone charges for delivery." I piped in, "Actually, two of the places I order delivery from do *not* charge me for delivery. It's free." They didn't seem to believe that at all. Whatever. So, I get to change that today. I forgot to grab a new menu, so I can't change the prices. I'll grab some new ones tomorrow and do the price change on Thursday. I'll let people have two more days of "low" prices.

I am currently covered in kitties. It's adorable.

So, then it was time for me to have my sit down with my bosses.

Oy vey. Adam starts with, "So, are there some things you want to tell me about some frustrations you are having?"

"Yeah. I'm working 61 hours next week."
"Because I'm down two drivers. I kept waiting for you to call me yesterday because I don't know how busy you are over there, so I don't want to keep calling you. But, we were going to go over this and figure it out. Instead, I got tired of waiting and just made this. This is the best I could come up with to make sure that everything is scheduled."

So, he retooled the schedule for me, I'm down to 47 hours, much more manageable. About half my shifts include driving, which I am very happy with. (Mama needs to pay her HOA bill for the month)

He's working two shifts at the store for me. Fantastic. Then he says, "Are there any other concerns?"
"This took care of about 60% of my issues. But, I will tell you that I feel like I'm busting my ass and it isn't getting me anywhere. Now, I don't know how things are running at other stores, and I keep that into consideration, but when I see that this store profited the same amount that I did with $30K more in sales, that makes me wonder what the hell is going on. I don't like wondering what the hell is going on because, to me, with that much more coming in, they should be raking in the dough."

And we went back and forth, and he pulled out that "Don't sweat the small stuff" crap. Guess what buddy, it's the small stuff that turns into big stuff that makes it insane. I told him that I want this company to be great and that i feel it has a lot more potential than what it has right now, but we have menus with misspellings, websites that are very insane, staff that curse when people show up ten minutes before close, and on and on and on. I know that these are all small things, but at the same time, these are things that people notice and will make a judgement about you and/or the company.

Then we went over staffing issues, numbers from the TV closure (which is closing a month earlier than previously anticipated), he wanted to make sure I wasn't falling into negative thought patterns from listening to other people talk, etc.

I told him that I am a rational, logical person, I know where my bread is buttered, but that there are some valid arguments in what I am hearing from other sources. And I am processing information as best I can with the tools and the brains that I have available to me now.

And then there was some back and forth, blah blah blah. Finally, meeting adjourned, new schedule in hand (still six days, but only one 11 hour shift) I headed next door and U started telling him about her discussions with the guy from Varitech (our equipment repair people) and i said, "Oh, speaking of, equipment, how long after closure should I expect the soda fountain?" and then they start going back and forth, la la la, and it looks like not only am i getting the soda fountain, but I'm getting (possibly) a new make unit AND a new walkin. Dude, the walk in at TV is ginormous! I can't wait to have it. You could have a dance party in that damn place. So awesome.

The best part, Adam mentioned bringing tables and chairs over to my store. And I said, "Uh, where am I going to put these things?"
"We'll have to do the remodel then."

YAY! Finally, a real dining room area where people can sit down and not be on top of each other while they eat food in the store.


Of course, this is all tentative. Maybe next week it will turn more into, "You know, maybe we should just get some new signs for everyone else, and the corporate office is looking a little dingy. Let's redo all of this before we get to work on Speedway."

Oh, and my lease is there for another five years. *bangs head on the keyboard* Then again, if they can make it more presentable, I can live with working 3 miles from my home.

I'm gonna go take a nap now, because I'm sleepy. Hopefully more fax machines won't wake me up.

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