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"The Crazy" isn't just at my store  
05:20pm 15/03/2008
I went to Dunkin' Donuts for a cup of coffee and some doughnuts (those were for the cook). I was going to go through the drive thru, but the guy in front of me decided to order 4 milkshakes and 2 dozen doughnuts and a breakfast sandwich. Seriously. That is breach of drive thru etiquette. So, I backed up and went inside.

There was a guy being served by one girl and the other girl was ready to take my order. I paid no attention to the guy, but did notice that the girl was getting a little frustrated with him. I placed my order and began to listen to the other two.

"A sprinkle doughnut, too."
"Chocolate or strawberry?"
"That one." And he points.
"Which one? Chocolate or strawberry?"
"That one." With an exasperated tone, again pointing to a doughnut.
She picks up a chocolate one and he says, "I don't want chocolate. I want the other one."
"Why didn't you just say strawberry?"
"I didn't want to say strawberry."
She sets the bag down and says, "I'm going to get someone else to help you."
He turns and walks out of the store.

I started to crack up. The girl who was helping me also started laughing, but more of a confused laugh. I said, "I thought I just had "the crazy" at my store. I guess it's nice to see it happen elsewhere."
"This is only my second day. That's nothing."
"Wow. Well, hope your day gets less interesting."

Gotta love "The Crazy".
mood: amusedamused
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02:43am 16/03/2008 (UTC)
Wednesday Lee Friday
I think any time you sell anything any where you're going to get The Crazy. I sell violins for heaven's sake; and some of those people are batshit crazy.
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