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One of my favorite icons. Especially fitting for finding out about the "Content Strike" that some of the users of LJ are planning.

Oh noes! You are going to deprive us of your woes, your angsty whinings and your latest Harry Potter slashfic fantasy?

How will we ever survive?

The whole thing is ludicrous. Then again, if they put this much effort into something worthwhile, say a food drive, a car wash to raise money for puppies with angina, or writing letters to congressmen to stop insurance fraud or maybe rented a boat and cleaned up that plastic island in the Pacific. Instead, they all need to wank and rant and rave that Basic accounts are gone and someone said something mean about gay people. Ok. That last one isn't very nice, but seriously? You are upset that you have to have a blog with a few ads on it, which aren't even really that distracting (at least, from what I've seen)???? Myspace is crawling with ads, viruses, naked chicks and beer. Yet you still use that.

Why am I putting this much thought, time and effort into this post? I don't know. Probably the fever talking.

Anyways, gotta go meet with the insurance agent, get some lunch/dinner and a movie or two and then, I am in for the day. I am resting. YAY!!

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