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Birthday/vacation update

It has been settled. There will be no cruise.

And, actually, I'm quite happy about this.

Heather and I are going to split the cost of her airfare out here and we are going to just relax and celebrate in the beauty of a gloriously hot Southern Arizona summer.


My only hope is that there are at least two fantastic monsoon storms so we can nerd out and revel in the majesty of watching a monsoon roll through.

But, we're going to go to the Desert Museum (not the Hall of Heads, that's creepy), probably feed some ducks, maybe get a pedicure and a facial, visit the IKEA, have some steak, have some fondue, she wants calzones (made by me, of course) and there will be a Garter night. Those of you who have not met the fantastical woman who I call my sister and bestest friend, can enjoy her company, wit and stories of her crazy existence.

I can't wait for her to get here. YAY!

I wonder if I could talk her into helping me floor the place. JUST KIDDING!

In other news, yesterday was pretty slow for a Friday. I was a little upset by that, especially since I had projected quite a high number for the day. Oh well. Maybe today will be a bit better. I headed over to 4th to have a beer after my long day, only to find that they were out of Kiltlifter. And will be for an entire week. WTF?? WHAT SHALL I DO WITH NO LIFTING OF KILTS?

Anyways, left there and headed to Plush for a last drink before heading home only to find that it was a madhouse. The HAM and I managed to snag two seats at the bar. There were two stools next to me that were vacant. Some guy comes over and asks if I needed those two stools. I told him, no, he could take them. But, the way it came out, it was like, "HAY! FATTIE! DO YOU NEED THESE FOR YOUR BIG BUTT?"

Ok, it didn't really come out like that. But, it would have been funnier if it had, I guess.

I got home and did a few xword puzzles before bed. The kitties snuggled in and we had a pleasant evening's sleep. Of course, I forgot to shut the ringer off, and the 4:30 a.m. fax call came in. *sigh* I shut the ringer off after that and then woke with a start at 10 a.m. I looked at the phone and saw 2 missed calls. OH NO! It was just the remainder of the fax calls, though. I had that little freakout thinking it was the store or the alarm company or something. Whew.

So, now I wait for the rest of the afternoon until I have to be in at work at 5. I *may* go in early to get some invoices and what not finished, but I may just wait until 5 to go in. We'll see. It depends on how long I can sit here with not much to do. I mean, there are things I could be doing, but I don't feel like it. This is almost like a day off. I like days off. I get about 7 of them in August. I'm so excited. A VACATION!


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