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Another exciting week in the life of moi. My cousin will be my replacement at the hospital job, which is good, because she needs to make her car payments and support her children. I interviewed on Friday for the receptionist position in Ft. Myers. I know I have the job, but whether or not he's going to get rid of the current receptionist is something he hasn't fully decided yet. Or rather, he has decided, it's a matter of convincing his partner to agree to get rid of her.
I feel a little guilty coming in there and trying to take this person's job. It's not a very nice thing to do to someone.
I tried to set up a wireless network router last night. Apparently, when I asked the salesman at Brandsmart if this laptop was wireless ready, he either lied or they sold me the wrong damn machine. It's not wireless ready. It's LAN ready, you can hook up to a dsl line and it will work just fine and dandy, you can also hook it up to a phone line and it will work fine and dandy, but not wirelessly. Good thing I figured that out for myself, fuckers. So, I am heading over there tomorrow to figure out what's going on with that. I hope adapters aren't too expensive, if anything I'll probably ask to speak to a manager and see either if I can get one for free or for a greatly reduced price. I don't want to take the laptop back because I have already installed all kinds of stuff on it and 2) they wouldn't take it anyway :)

Two more weeks and I am out of west palm beach. Yay me.

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