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I tied one on way too tight last night. Hangover from possibly the 4th level of hell, not quite the whole nine.

It was bad. Of course, my one course of relief had a broken car, so I couldn't rely on him to run the shift while i went home and recuperated. Instead, I fell asleep in the office. The twins ran the shift with no problems. They knocked on the window when they needed me to answer a question or a phone call and then...I would fall back asleep.

Not my best moment. But, at least I came in! :)

Got out early, even managed to get all the paperwork done. I was happy about that. Just haven't done the schedule because A is supposed to have the availabilities for people from the TV store, but hasn't seen fit to let me have them. If you can figure that out, I'd be happy to hear the reasoning behind it.

So, I have a blank copy of the schedule and the availability of my current employees. We can cobble one together tomorrow morning after the meeting.

I am now going to bed. I am still sleepy. Ok, completely worn out.

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