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I'm getting a bonus for February. That makes me happy. Especially since I worked 20000000 hours or so. It's like getting a retroactive paycheck or something.

Today was nice and steady and smooth. No major hiccups. Then some asshole comes in around 4 and is all, "I asked for it to be a Take and Bake."
"Oh, well, it doesn't have that on the ticket. I took the order and I don't remember her saying that."
"Let me call her." (by the way, this isn't me, it's one of my cooks who is saying this to the guy)
"She says she said Take and Bake."
"I must not have heard her say that."

So, they come get me and I say, ok, not a problem. Make it a take and bake. He interjects with, "If this is a problem, I'll just take my business elsewhere."
"No, it isn't a problem. We are out of a particular size of dough for your order, so I am trying to do the math so that we can make the right size. That's all. It will just be 10 minutes for your order to be ready."
"Oh. Fine." and he heaves this huge sigh.

I rolled my eyes when I got around the corner. The funniest part, is that he wanted a jumbo pizza. We don't offer those in take and bake. So, he paid more for an extra large. HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

Asshat. It was that last comment. "I'll take my business elsewhere."

Why don't you tell your woman to get her fucking orders straight. Then we won't have this problem.

Let's see, what else? Not much going on in my life. Meeting up with April tomorrow morning for some coffee, pool, perhaps some scrabble. We'll see. Should be fun to chill for a couple of hours with her and Kerith. Good times.

well, i'm off to bed. night!

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