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(no subject)  
09:25am 31/03/2008
I like my new icon. :)

I'm missing an invoice, and that really bothers me, because there is no reason for it NOT to be (I almost split my infinitive there) where it should. *sigh*

Scrabble was good. I won one game and Joe won the other. Headed in to work where my 4:00 person was an hour late, thereby causing my supervisor to go into overtime (a whole extra $9 on his paycheck!) which I got shit about this morning from Diana. "You know Tui has overtime, right?"
"Yeah. It was accidental."
"How is it accidental? There is no such thing."
"Because he wound up staying late. He was scheduled for 40 hours this week. It was likely to happen. It didn't happen on purpose."

With all the other problems going on in this company, they are worried about $9 extra fucking dollars. Like this store isn't performing well or something. grrrrr

Saturday I hung out with April and Kerith. We taught her how to play pool. That was fun. Finished out the day with lemon lime eegee's before I had to head into work.

Last night, after I closed the store, headed to the RG to meet up with the HAM and have a pint. We started talking about tramp stamps, and I relayed a conversation from earlier in the day that we had at brunch about them. I made a joke that I should get a tattoo of a crossword puzzle on my back. He said that I should make sure it says, "Edited by Will Shortz" on the top. I said, no, I didn't want his name on my person.
"Well, you were the one who said you wanted your ass smacked. 'Will Shortz?!' *smack smack*"

That was a good five minutes of laughs right there.

My back is all twingy right now. I think I am entering into the cough stage of whatever ick I picked up. The claritin that Char gave me yesterday had me feeling all weird last night. I think I would need to take the OTC ones instead of the behind the counter ones. My nose isn't drippy today, at least not yet. That's a good thing.

They just announced the KFMA Day lineup for May. Flobots, who I would like to see, but not for $30. The other acts I don't really care for, especially Metallica. So, I'll pass on that show. That, and it's outside. And...drunken Metallica fans. I'll pass thanks.

So far, the phone has rung twice: 1) I can get money for the business! yay!!! and 2) order confirmation for my 17 pizza order this morning.

I hate the phone.
mood: busybusy
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(no subject)
08:53pm 31/03/2008 (UTC)
so glad you like the icon! i consider that a quite a compliment coming from you since all of your user icons are pretty damn awesome.
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(no subject)
08:59pm 31/03/2008 (UTC)
awwwww!!! most of my icons are hijacked. I love icon thievery.
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(no subject)
11:12pm 31/03/2008 (UTC)
well, you've certainly stolen from the best :-).
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