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02:30pm 01/04/2008
Yesterday was both terrible and fantastic.

Got through all the big orders pretty well, and then got more and more and more and more and more.

We did quite a bit for a Monday. Close to Friday numbers. It was insanity. 3p-4p was the "dead" time, and I managed to get nothing done during that hour. I still need to make my schedule. My new supervisor called during the lunch rush...wtf??? I told them to tell her i'd call her back. I did, left a message for her and she STILL hasn't called me back yet. I understand that your time is precious. So is mine. I'm just going to throw her on the three days I found out about from her sister in law and if she doesn't like it, tough shit. Call me back in a timely manner. You know how this shit works.


I think I'll be taking Mondays and Wednesdays off. That way, if I don't finish everything up on the Sunday night, I can still come in for an hour on Monday and get it all taken care of. Yay!

I'm wondering how busy it's going to be tonight. We had about 8-10 more deliveries that a usual Monday yesterday, so we'll see if it's really going to work having three drivers a night. I kind of hope it does work out, because that's good for business and the drivers. Everyone wins.

I'm also looking forward to my day off tomorrow. Maybe I can go a whole day without having work call me. That would be nice. :)

Allright, time for a quick nap, if i can get past the noises that the work crews are making outside. Not to mention whoever was square dancing on the roof earlier. Also, I think the cats are plotting something. Loretta is looking at me in some weird way like she's the lookout and Vera is acting all nonchalant. Gotta keep on my toes with these two.
mood: tiredtired
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