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(no subject)  
04:34pm 06/04/2008
Either whoever's network I was leeching from didn't pay the bill, or they figured out how to block me from getting on. Or...they got caught uploading copyrighted material. Naughty neighbor. I had to wait until I got to work today to do some LJing. Yay!

First off, the Chevron at Camp Lowell and Swan has free air. Not only is it free, but this is the coolest air thing EVAR. You punch in what you want the tire pressure to be and it beeps when it reaches that pressure. How effing cool is that???? I am in love with this machine. I think I may be going there like every week. :)

On to work topics. Friday my dough guy decided he was too sick to work. Except, he neglected to call and let me know. Or anyone for that matter. He went to the street fair on Saturday to work and Adam told him about the no call no show and he calls me and says, "I said Thursday that I was probably going to go to the hospital."
"If you aren't coming in, I need to know that day. Probably doesn't mean a definitive yes or no. You need to let SOMEONE here know."
"I think I may start looking for another job."
"That's fine. I'm not keeping you from looking."
He *should* be in tomorrow. I guess we'll see.

Because of that, I got to work an open to close on Friday. That's always fun. It was pretty much the day from hell. So busy. That's good and all, great week in sales, but damn, I'm exhausted. I'm hoping that I actually get my two days off this coming week. Let's hope. *crosses fingers*

Got to see Mike M. again. He flew in for the weekend. It's always fun to see him, he's such a weirdo.

Saturday was a test of patience. Couldn't get a lot of prep done because was pretty busy during the day for just the two of us to get through and get
things out on time. The day driver wound up working just as long as I did on Saturday. At least he made good money. More than he made while working at TV.

I've decided that I need to be a bit more positive about the way things are running for this company. More positive thought into the universe and, well, if I see something that doesn't seem to be right, offer up gentle corrections or suggestions to those other employees and see if perhaps they will make the changes necessary to start improving the way things run.

Today is C's last shift with me. It's a little sad. I'm gonna miss the little surly pixie. I told her I'll put her down as rehireable since these are unforseen circumstances that are calling for her to not work for a while. No, she's not pregnant. :)

Ok. I need to finish up my P&L comparison, make a schedule and enter in a whole bunch of stuff. I think I'm going to run out of cheese. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some from 4th since they may have some left over. I should ask Danny. I think I'll do that now. I'm gonna need to start making arrangements now so I don't have to run around and do it tomorrow.

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(no subject)
01:33pm 07/04/2008 (UTC)
I would've called or stopped by yesterday, but K just wanted neopets, so I figured we'd run errands that included Target. We never got further south than Orange Grove. :\

Maybe this weekend would be good for coffee & pool?

Edited at 2008-04-07 01:33 pm (UTC)
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(no subject)
01:34pm 07/04/2008 (UTC)
Also, when are you getting your camera fixed? Is that why you haven't been taking any pictures? What's wrong with it? How much will it cost?
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(no subject)
04:53pm 07/04/2008 (UTC)
I have no idea how much it will cost. It's $35 for them to just look at it. It's the slr camera, the digital is fine. I haven't been taking pictures because, well, no time.

The SLR is doing this weird thing where it won't always advance the film, so you are just taking pictures la la la and then the first 10 you took don't come out and the rest are ok, but you have 10 empty spaces on the roll of film.

I'm going to take it over to that place on grant...when i have the time, :)

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