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04:12pm 08/04/2008
Ovens tonight. We're just gonna do one for now and I'll schedule another one next schedule I do. I was going to have three people here tonight, but since C has quit (which Adam seemed quite happy about, still haven't figured that one out yet), I didn't have a closing cook. *sigh*

Anyways, had a pleasant afternoon. Got some bills paid, a pretty tasty croissant breakfast sandwich with eh coffee at Ike's. Got called in to help with the deliveries as there were quite a few all within 15 minutes of each other and dammit, in 90 different directions. I went on a triple that would have made your head spin it was so ridiculous, but since they were all for different times, it worked out well.

I got a couple of email forwards from the Oot about the "service" at this location. The one email was upset that the service was terrible. Uhhh, this is a delivery/carry out place (delco) not a sit down establishment. They bitched about the decor (thank you) and the lack of fountain drinks and ice water (thank you), but even after being told that we do not have a wait staff here, you need to order at the counter and we'll bring it out to you, but that's about as much service as you are going to get unless it's dead (which it wasn't at the time of their visit) they were still pissed at the lack of "service". Sorry kids, tell it to the powers that be, I have no control over the shittiness of the store's size and decor. You have my deepest apologies.

I feel like emailing these people personally, but...not my job.

I did my yearly pledge to KUAZ today and got a 20 oz. mug. Yay! May have more later, but now i'm going over the coupons from last night. I don't understand what is so hard about hitting the right damn key for ringing these coupons in. *sigh*
mood: busybusy
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