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Last night was the night from hell. That's going to be the end of that discussion. Need to put it behind me and move on.

There were some good parts. Dr. Awesome and I hung out for a bit (btw, HAM now equals Dr. Awesome). He came up with this name when I told him that Will Shortz has a degree in Puzzles. He decided to get his doctorate in Awesomeness. :)

So, on this, my day off, I sit in the office finishing up paperwork, putting off my schedule making until Wednesday because the remodel may happen next week. If it does, I am friggin' ecstatic. But, I'm done here. Need to run to the bank and get a money order for my HOA and then I will also have all the deposit slips, too. That's good. Then I can grab some sausage for the store, have a sandwich in the meantime and then pay the HOA and then go home, do a load of laundry and chill with some Civilization III. Don't judge me.

After my meeting tomorrow, I should be okay, and things will be fine, and then I do payroll and then all is well. Yay! Then it's Dine Out for Safety on Wednesday. I have a feeling it's going to be busy busy busy. Thank goodness I have a bunch of people scheduled.

I really should clean the house instead of playing Civ. Maybe I'll do some kitchen cleaning and the Civ will be my reward. Yes, that sounds like a good plan.


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