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I should be sleeping right now. I mean, I'm tired enough. The problem is, you see, I took a nap. And I always do this to myself. I say, "Self, you will sleep no more than 20 minutes." and I set my phone alarm and all is well and then the 20 minutes is up and I say, "Self, that was really only 10 since it took 10 to fall asleep. Just hit snooze and get another ten minutes in and that will give you 20 minutes."
And I do, and, well, lather rinse repeat.

Instead, I watch movies, but at least I'm not fighting the barbarian hordes. I shall have lunch tomorrow and then I shall clean things (mostly clothing and litter boxes, maybe even the car) and I shall enjoy my day off. Yes. A day off. I had a Saturday night off, too. No phone calls, no store on fire. It kind of worries me, actually. Either it was that dead or all hell broke loose and they screwed everything up OR they really didn't need me there.

Could be any of those. :)

Ok, I'm going to do a crossword and maybe that will get me to sleep.

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