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Yesterday was quite a day. Got into work almost on time. Good work! Got my orders done and set about getting the day ready. No phones ringing, while that was terrible, it was kind of good since I could get to the work of getting the store ready for the day. About 10:30 I get a call from the dough guy with yet another excuse as to why his ass isn't in uniform and making dough for me at that particular moment. He shows up about an hour later.

No day driver. What the hell is going on? He had called the night before and was told he wasn't in until 4 that day. *bangs head on the oven* Since it is so dead (still no calls by 11) I tell him that if we get really busy, I'll call him in, otherwise, if he would like, he can have the day off. He seems pleased with that idea and I've just saved on some labor costs. At the cost of getting my shit done.

Luckily, I had finished the schedule on Friday and had most of my paperwork already finished. (Of course, I just realized that I forgot to put in the new copies of corrected daily summary sheets. Dammit.) I took 4 deliveries, that's how "busy" it was yesterday afternoon. It was pretty bad. In the meantime, the dough guy has finally showed and starts working. I had already started cheese and had already done the dough count for him. He spent most of his shift on his cell phone while he was rolling dough. And on the store phone. And chatting with the twins. I was getting more and more irritated by the minute. I used the deliveries as my way to relax and recenter.

I had Jesse come in a little early so I could get done what I needed to get done since I needed to get out at a certain time so that I could go to the fair (this is where the bears come in, well, the fair I mean). Jesse shows up and I retire to the office to get the rest of my things done and over with. I come out to grab some stuff off the printer and see a slightly burnt pizza on the cut table. Jesse is standing next to it trying to find a ticket that goes with it. I ask, "What the hell is that?"
"I think it's Dwayne's employee meal."
"Oh? Really?"
I turn to Dwayne who is currently making his version of "salsa" on the line, "Where is your ticket for that?"
"Oh, I think I threw it away."
"You need to find it or reprint it."
He finds it in the trash bin and signs it and hands it to me.
"This is for cheese sticks. Those are not cheese sticks."
"I don't know how to ring up toppings."
I take a deep breath, "From now on, if you want your employee meal, you will ring it up and give it to the MOD to make for you. This is unacceptable."
"Man, I'm just not gonna eat here anymore."
"That's fine, too."
"Damn, how's a nigga supposed to eat?"
"This isn't a soup kitchen, it's a business. It's not my responsibility to feed you."
He turns his back on me and waves his hand as if to dismiss me. That *really* pissed me off.
"No. You are going to listen to me. I've let you come in over an hour late, I have allowed you to not be in complete uniform and now you are pulling this shit. Not acceptable. If you don't like the way that I am managing this store, then you are free to leave."
"Yeah, I feel you on that. I don't need someone yammering in my ear all day."
"Tell you what, why don't you take the next three days off and go find yourself another job. You obviously don't need this one."
And with that, he got on his cell phone (again) and called someone to ask them about a job. He walked out the front door to go calm down and I started to do my midday till check.

I was PISSED. I allow everyone to have certain liberties with the employee meal policy, I am very lenient with it, but that was taking the mile for that inch that was given. So, Jesse and I were in the office when he left and he made a point to say good bye to Jesse. OH NOES DON'T IGNORE ME I WILL HATE THAT!!! /sarcasm

Anyways, his ridiculousness and lack of driver yesterday had me leaving late. I managed to get home in time to change into nonwork clothes and into my going to the fair outfit. Picked up Mr. Helm and met with Lisa, Dr. Awesome and Christine at the bar down near the fairgrounds. We met Char at the fair and proceeded to have lots of fun. People watching was at its prime last night. Wow. Ate lots of bad for you food, rode a couple of rides and saw a bear show. THE BEARS WERE SO FUZZY AND CUTE AND ADORABLE AND I WANTED TO HUG AND KISS AND SQUEEZE THEM ALL DAY LONG!!!! :)

We missed the freak show to wait for Christine to go on the "stick of death," as I so aptly named it. One of the riders either vomited or had loose change fly out of their pocket. There is still debate on that one. But, it was fun. YAY FOR THE FAIR!

And that was Monday.

Tonight is the remodel. I've taken pictures of the store for the before and tonight when it's all done, I shall take pictures of the after. YAY!!!

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