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Heavy Picture Post

It's all going to be behind the cut since there are quite a few pictures each one is pretty big. Anyways, this is the store before and well...it's not done yet. But, we are able to work around what we can for now. It's going to be an interesting rest of the week.

Welcome to the outside front of the store. Not terrible, but not fantastic either. Kind of unwelcoming, in my humble opinion, but it's my second home nevertheless. That's pretty sad. And, as I start to post all these pictures I realized something, I should have just shot a video. :(

The front counter greets you and we do, too.

Of course, our view is a little different:

Where we actually make the pizzas:

Throw them in this here oven

Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself here, I should show you where we make the dough and sauce and grate the cheese. Without these things, we wouldn't even have a front door for you to enter through, let's see that, shall we?

Very exciting. Here's how we had to make all of that equipment fit into a smaller space so we could get some work done:

All that stuff is back to close to where it originated, but not really. We are able to move around the store and what not, but damn, it's kind of crowded now. I'll leave you with a video of some bears from the fair.


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