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In other news  
09:22pm 23/04/2008
I slept way too late today, but of course, still tired. I was awakened at 4 p.m. by Dwayne, the food thievin' dough guy, with a phone call.
"Hey, Alica, I need my job because there aren't any out there for me to get right now. Everything is all booked up."
"Uh huh."
"And, I know that I need to follow your rules..."
"No. These are not *my* rules. These are the rules of the company. If you want to keep your job you will follow those rules."
"I know. Ok. I just didn't deal with this with Andrew."
"That's not my concern how another manager ran his store. My job is to make sure that you do what you are supposed to do. So, if you want to continue to be employed in my store then you will arrive for your shift on time, you will be in proper uniform and you will follow the policies regarding employee meals. It's really that simple."
"All right. You're right. I know."
"Fine. I will see you on Friday at 10 a.m."

And here's the thing. The minute he calls out late (which he undoubtedly will) he will not be coming in. Simple as that. I'm done dealing with it. Everyone else seems to be able to get to work on time. Everyone else seems to be able to wear their uniforms and follow the policies that have been given to them on how to maintain themselves at work. Why he has such difficulty with this is beyond me.

My muscle relaxers are finally kicking in. I am so sore right now and my shoulder is killing me. Let's hope tomorrow is a good day. :)
mood: calmcalm
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06:55am 24/04/2008 (UTC)
Sign Here
You know, I feel the same way when students don't follow directions about citations. They act like I'm being mean to them by enforcing the university plagiarism policy!
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12:55pm 24/04/2008 (UTC)
Your Mom's Favorite Munkee
Eh, yer too nice. Shoulda kicked Punky Brewster to the curb. Of course I'm too nice and probably would have done the same thing, but STILL...
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04:47pm 24/04/2008 (UTC)
I *know*!!!

But, a part of it is, I don't want to be responsible for someone losing their job in this our tough economic times.

On the other hand, he's on a tight leash right now and the other supervisors shall know about it. So will the corporate office. I've got it all written down (in writing!) so that once he puts that toe out of line...he's done.
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