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My oven went on the fritz yesterday (the work oven), so I decided that we would clean it before we called in the equipment repair guys. That way, if it was broken in some way it wouldn't be too dirty for them to fix.

Wouldn't you know, it worked after we cleaned it. Pizzas are cooking better, too. :)

I like that I am able to clean the oven during the shift. I mean, it would be nice if we were busy the entire day, but since most restaurants are not busy between 2 and 4 and I would have sent the twins home anyways, why bring people in at night instead of doing it during working hours. There you go. Saved on labor. Ta da!

Of course, NOW Adam wants to schedule the cleanings again. So, I will. Doesn't mean that's when I'm going to do it. I'll do it when it is convenient and there isn't anything else going on. Simple as that. I'm getting more and more aggravated with the "leadership" in this company. "Hey, let's get the store remodeled. Oh, darn, there are three birthdays this week. Can't miss those. You know how those parties go on ALL NIGHT LONG." Seriously. This is why there is a work stoppage right now. In the meantime, I'm falling all over my staff, they are falling all over each other and I don't even have the basic ticket rack to hold shit up so we can all make pizzas off one ticket at the same time. so ridiculous.

Why not just shut the fucking store down for ONE DAY. Shut it down on a Tuesday after the few deferred orders that we normally have (just send those ones out and that's it) and then you could, in theory, get everything done in one day. I can't get the soda fountain until they finish the construction. Who knows when that shit is going to be done. Irritated.


I'm procrastinating. I'm just annoyed in general. I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

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