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(no subject)  
09:35am 10/05/2008
I stimulated the economy last night.

I want a shirt that says, "Kenny Loggins is Angry"

I found out that the Randolph Recreation Center in Reid Park has a gym. It's a $1 per visit (cheap!)

I split about thirty infinitives yesterday. I feel dirty.

I'm working a half day today.

I have three days off next week. In a row.

We have a pretty long list of things we need before we get a soda fountain.

No work was done last night. It was supposed to be.

Remember to do your Best of Tucson ballots (online or by paper)

I found the $96 shortage from last night. I knew it would take me one second to find it.

I'm kind of hungry right now.

One day, I'll have a life where my clothes are not covered in flour.

I almost spelled flour as flower.

Being covered in flowers is probably not so bad.
mood: tiredtired
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