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today is ridiculously slow. probably need to kick everyone out at this point. but, i won't. i'm going to wind up closing driver (need the cash) since it will save labor and the closing driver is always up for going home. :)

I'm up to season 3 for Lost. About 1/4 of the way through that one.

The remodel is coming along VERY SLOOOOOWLY. They are coming in tonight to do some more stuff. Hopefully, all of the electrical will be done, they are going to put in what they need for the soda fountain *crosses fingers* and we are getting a new walk in next week. That is very exciting right there. A new walk in. That won't hit me in the head every time I walk in or out. Yay!

The chick I was rooting for in the College Jeopardy tournament lost today. :(

I'm very sleepy.

I have nothing more interesting to say.

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