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I had a nice three days off. Caught up all the way with teh Lost and Samantha Who?. Managed to get some laundry done and the dishes. Took out some things, but I didn't accomplish everything that I hoped I would.

I'm ok with that, however. I did a lot of resting and that was the most important thing. Of course, I worried about the store quite a bit. I had left a note for the crew telling them that if they had a quick question, they could give me a call, but if it was staffing issues, they needed to call A or D. Of course, I got a call everyday, but I only answered the ones on Thursday.
The remodel is almost finished. We get our "new" walk-in on Monday and I think we are getting the ice machine, too. I got the office chair from TV, it's got a nice back on it and everything. New make unit and toss table, that's very happy. They hung up pictures on the wall and one of them has the "frame" falling off the bottom. Very classy. I told Dr. Awesome that I was excited about the new office chair because now, I can play Star Trek. "Scotty get more dilithium crystals to the front so that I don't have to make pizzas right now."

Maybe it was funnier in my head.

No IKEA trip on this mini break, and again, I'm okay with that.

I'm kind of glad to be back, but I'm walking into complete chaos (at least with the money), so I'm trying to figure out what the hell happened over the last three days and try to make it all normal again. On the bright side, they kept labor down pretty low while I was gone. :)

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