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07:52pm 27/05/2008
Hi. I'm still alive. Just thought you'd like to know. :)

I did some remembering yesterday, or memorializing, or whatever you want to call it. I remembered three day weekends and how lovely they were. "Oh, how lovely, three days off. In a row. Ahhhh!"

Not anymore. At least, not with everyone else. I wind up working open to closes to cut down on labor on what is bound to be a tragically slow day. It was pretty bad, but not terrible. Today is terrible. Ugh. So slow.

I can't fire the dough guy. Yet. Because I never issued a formal write up. *sigh* I have now learned my lesson. He's on a tight rope pretty much. He has two shifts next week and they are the shifts where I am not here, because I don't want to look at him or hear him or anything. His presence causes me to have a rash. Well, not really, but it probably would at some point.

I wish today was over. I have a lot of laundry to do tomorrow and I really need to get that application done. REALLY.

I got my P&L today. We had a 6% profit for the month for this store. Unfortunately, the company didn't make enough for me to get any kind of bonus. Great. I would have had another chance for May, but the costs of the walk in repairs pretty much killed any chance at that for me. It makes me sad.

The sad, but funny part, of everything is that the store that they closed lost less money than they did last year by not being open. Yeah, that's pretty pathetic. The really sad part of everything is that I'm not bonusing, but two of the laziest managers, and the one who killed a store, are because they hit their labor numbers. $300 each. Nice. Sometimes I wonder if the hard work is really worth it sometimes. When you see those who really don't deserve it raking it in. If I get lucky, I'll get the inspection (and uniform) bonus. So will my supervising crew. So, that's something. Even though they aren't enforcing it.

Ok. I need to get back to organizing my store. The chaos is slowly coming under control, but it's taking way longer than I like.
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