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Last night was terribly slow. I did get a lot of organizing of the store done, though. There are a few more things I need to find places for, and then I'll be able to start organizing the office. *sigh*

It is my day off today. Of course, I start the day with a few errands for the store (that's just how I roll, you know?), but now after I finish this, I need to head home, get the laundry done, a little straightening of the house (which is looking much better than before). Soon, I'll be able to have houseguests again. At least, people can come over and chill for a bit. Woo! Then, to the coffee shop (don't know which one yet) to work on my application for Sahuarita, download a few things, and maybe listen to some internet radio. The connection I've been leeching is really really bad now, I think they've finally caught on. Dammit.

I need an oil change, too. But, that can wait until tomorrow. I hope. :)
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