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(no subject)  
09:27am 02/06/2008
I have a new table and some chairs. YAY!! They are pretty groovy. There is some damage, but I'm sure I can take pictures to some furniture place (like, some mom and pop joint where the dude there is about 90000 years old, calls his wife "mother" and smokes a pipe, oo oo and has a really long beard) and he'll know how to repair formica and have little strips to go along the side where there is some missing. :) It's bound to be an interesting visit.

When I woke up this morning, I forgot what day it was. *shakes head* Then I remembered and was sad because I had to come into work. And so, I come into work (yay) and find that they ran ridiculous labor numbers yesterday and that was with two people calling out. Doesn't seem like there were any major problems, but then again, they don't really communicate those things like they are supposed to. *sigh* Not to mention I can't seem to make them understand how I want the cut table stocked with boxes and what not. Instead they spread dishes all throughout the shelf to make it look full. I DON'T WANT DISHES THERE DAMMIT. *breathe* Yeah, that's the kind of weekend it's been.

Anyways, I'm excited about my new table and my day off tomorrow. And Wednesday. I don't have to see idiotic dough guy but for about five minutes on Tuesday when I drop off supplies from the Sam's Club. Good times.

I *should* be getting my order and everything done right now, then I can move on towards more organization of the store to get things back on track, instead, I'm sitting here, typing in a silly LJ post that really doesn't tell much of anything that is going on, except for the fact that I really need a vacation, but I can't even leave them alone for three hours on a Saturday night without them completely getting sidetracked and losing focus and fucking everything up. Like the driver who had to make a "few pit stops" in the middle of the damn dinner rush. Dude. I need you to not do that. Kthxbye.

So, today, just make it through, enjoy my two days off and just hope that I don't kill anyone over the next week.
mood: apatheticapathetic
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(no subject)
06:11pm 02/06/2008 (UTC)
I wish your two days off weren't my super long group home days. We should have a swings date soon!
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(no subject)
08:26pm 02/06/2008 (UTC)
soon. my supervisors keep asking for days off, so it's messing with my normal wed/sun off schedule. :(
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