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(no subject)  
07:22pm 02/06/2008
I feel a little sad. And bad.

I did the schedule for next week. I used the wrong numbers (which is actually probably a good thing in my favor), but I just changed that. Wasn't that big of a difference. I cut the schedule down HARDCORE. most people only have 3 shifts for the week. Actually, no driver has more than three shifts. no cook has more than 4, and only one supervisor has five.

I printed a little sign to put over the schedule. To let them understand that the hours are gone right now, there isn't enough business. they need to work harder when they are on shift. we'll see how well this goes over.

although, if it makes them feel any better, i'm working longer shifts. so, there ya go.

ok, time to go through the paperwork for the week, make all the necessary corrections and then go home. yay!
mood: busybusy
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